Thursday, July 12, 2007


Why is it when I was happy.. Blessed. Feeling contented with all that I have...
Suddenly the pressure came.. Putting the heaviest rock on my chest..
Suffocated.. I thought I’m gonna die..

Why is it that I felt someone is not happy with me..
The more I ignore it the more I think it is true..
The more I choose to please the more I’m hurt
And I’m bleeding even severely when I realize someone is hurting just because of me..
The selfish me..

Remember I wrote in previous post.. I’ve been pushing myself so hard..
Although it felt like enough I kept pushing harder..
I will break.. Sooner or later..
I’m falling apart already..
Each part of me heading to a different end..
And I .. More confused then ever..
Lost my way in the dark..
And blinded by the light..
I will never see…
Or is it me who is plain ignorant that I refuse to see

“Ya Allah, hamba bersabar atas segala ketentuan-Mu”.


shahzere said...

Noli...Tuhan bagi dugaan pada orang yang mampu menghadapinya..tau...ada rahmat di sebalik semua tu..

La Tahzan...ek?

Iron Butterfly said...

yeah.. another PTD once said to me "A'a, there come times yg kita mmg feel things r not working out. But x wory sbb Allah xkan beri kita beban yg kita xleh tanggung. Relax. he would show us the way;-)".

He sent me this on March 26, 2006. I still have it in my inbox. Btw, he's with MITI ;p