Friday, July 13, 2007

it"s OK's alright.. fight fight fight

A few commented that this blog getting gloomy..
What I wrote was heartrending and distressing.. Some even worried that I may lose my smile..

Well ..don’t be dear..

this is just a way of me releasing the suffocating bubbles in my chest..
I wrote because I feel that someone out there do care.. and it is proven that you all care..

It is not that my passing days were as gloom as this blog getting to be..

It was not even close.. in fact I was just the same me.. the “tak kisah” me..
I’m happy.. it was just the up and down of life..

and I may have chosen to write only those downs days here..hence you thought I was having a tough time..

No dear friends.. I’m alright..

Ps: Tuhan bersama mereka yang sentiasa mahu bersyukur


iryani said...

I am glad u r ok*smile*

mommy along said...

mu ado masaklos gapo plok ni? weh mu xdop ottesen ke miri ko.