Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves,"
writer Edna Buchanan once said.

what a friend (may) means to a friend

his mirror..
where he sees his reflection ..

his shoulder to cry on..
whenever he is sad..

his punching bag..
when his is so piss off..

his sunshine in a rainy day..
when he lost his smile..

his partner in crime..
when he needs some fun..

his clown..
when he needs some laugh..

his big tree..
when he needs some shade..

a confidante..
when he felt unsure..

his teacher..
whom he learn about life..

who we are to a friend is up to them to write about..
they may come and go.. near or far..
they may hurt u so..hurt n cry..
but we will stick together..
we are always here..
staying true and through..
now a friend.. forever be.

*his referring to many his or her

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