Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ping the pong..

It is 7.53 pm and i'm still in the office
yee ha..
had a very nice game of table tennis just now..
lama tak main..hehe

you know laa how kalu main sukan..
bising jer aku..
sib baik semua dah balik..

sometimes it's good to just simply release urself..
jumping around..
doesn't have to so jaga urself..
for the sake of the post you hv..

suddenly missing my papa..who was the first person to introduce me to table tennis..
my brothers who always use the "screw" technique to trick me..
my teacher in primary school ..sir hasmaruddin n sir mahisham for exposing me to the game at the interschool level..
and also my teacher secondary school who brought us futher to the district level..

haven't played the game since uni days..takde gang kot..
except for occasionally when i'm back home suring semester break..

apa laa aku mengarut-ngarut ni
anyway ..maghrib dulu..

urs truly haven't totally lost the ping-pong skills yet..ermm..

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