Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It was such a feeling..when you stumbled upon an old friend..
classmate in school..haven't seen her for ..like 10 years..
and she didn't look any different ..just the same her..
prettier perhaps..

arghh..and i got the same comment..
over and over again..

"apsal makin kurus??"

the question that i will never answer anymore..
tired of it.. coz actually i don't know why..

i thought i was thinner those days..when i was in school..
so into this kawad kaki thingy..everyday marching here and there..
marching competition every other month..
also the ping pong training..almost everyday
plus the extra classes..for the dreaded SPM was coming..
huh it was challengging..mental n physical..but ..

she said aku lg kurus sekarang??..huhu

maybe because those day was much more fun..
much more of doing what i enjoy and without obligation..
maybe because those day my mum used to force me to take all kinds of supplements..
(do you know vitamin B can improve ur appetite..so i ate more..hehe)

and maybe that is why those day
i was not as thinner as i am today..

no.. I don't want to answer the question anymore....
but it was nice seeing you again..
keep in touch yaaa..



medcham CK said...

ooo my pren..u have been tagged!!

shahzere said...

heh nolee odpren said that because perhaps u were thinner before. but now u r still thin and ur odprens are fatter than before. that's why they said u still thin or thinner.

nolee said...

medcham: aloo medcham...welkam welkam..

shahzere: tul gak ek ecah..hmm..mungkin juga..haha ko jgn pi cakap kat oldpren aku tuh plak..kiki

Kaseh said...

Hik.. yaya surf laut andaman.. trus nampak muke kak norli.. owhh.. rajin berblog.. bleh la saye slalu jenguk! :P~