Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Le tour de Langkawi II

These were what I scribbled on a note while retreating to bed last Friday..arghh..heaven.. love hotel's bed.. comfort..

6.00 am ++
via taxi from Restoran Yus , Bangi heading to KL

6.55 am
arrived at Wisma Genting just in time (the programme said we had to gather at 7am). Thanks to En Wahab the taxi driver who's willing sent us there for a cheap fare.thanks also to En Suhaimi for helping us find a transport to KL so early in the morning.

board the provided air-conditioned coach to Kuala Perlis.stopped at RnR Rawang for breakfast and RnR Gurun for lunch.26 persons including both of us and the organisers.

ferry jetty in Kuala Perlis.board the 3.30 ferry.45 minutes and walla!! jetty Kuah Langkawi...

arrive at Awana Porto Malai ..had a welcoming drink..and cool towel..met pakcik Hassan who seems to know our bosses.

actually from the trip I came to realise it was actually quite easy to make friends..My friend and I was admiring the Kedah's Menteri Besar which look just like our Dato Jo..and suddenly a pakcik came and said " kenal ke?"that was exactly how we met pakcik hassan ..actually he was in the same group as us.while waiting to check-in we chat and it got more fun since he was once upon a time before..a staff at our place.hmm what a small world it is.

after dinner ..I was hoping to relax at the lobby lounge where they had a two-piece band.. serenade by the great vocals and love songs..well not quite what I imagine..a group of tourists..join us and they start dancing and singing..my friend said "exotic moves" ..hmm well..sort of.. even this one guy start taking off his clothes..gee..my friend and I just smile and laugh..watever..we were at the lobby lounge but I felt like I watch a disco scene in a Hong Kong movie..hehe.. by 10 ..I couldn't take it anymore so we left..tido lg bagus..

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