Thursday, February 21, 2008

being noticed

actually someone did notice the hard work they done..

ida mesti senyum senyum baca artikel ni. u kat bhg kabinet kan?


aishah said...


shahidah said...

a.. ah :)

i read both bm n english version. to be honest, it's indeed a motivation ;)

nolee said...

memang begitu memotivasi sampaikan aku pecut setel 3 fail hari ini yeehaaa!!

Iron Butterfly said...

"One of the things that really amazes me, and I think they are our unsung national heroes, is how the cabinet secretariat writes all these incredibly exhaustive, complicated, convoluted discussions and decipher them into logical and accurate minutes (imagine having to make out what's being said between 31 politicians). And they have to do this in one day. (The minutes must be out by Friday)."

Aderkah ini yang dimaksudkan??

nolee said...

yerp betullah itu