Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anazam tagged me

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8 Random Facts Bout Me

1. born in Hospital Kota Bharu at 6.** am on 11th June 19*** (ecece cam rahsia sangat! huhu) bersamaan 18 Syaaban 1402.

2. Tadika Raja Dewa,SRK Hamzah Machang ( a month or so), SRK Zainab Satu, SM Zainab Satu ( for a week or so) and SMKA Naim Lilbanat, University Teknologi PETRONAS, PAAC, INTAN.

3. I used to be mistaken as a boy when i was in standard 3..maybe because of the hair..

4. Used to be KRU's die hard fan.. bought everything published that has KRU in it .( Thrown everything out unfortunately except for the AWAS scrapbook authographed by them.)

5. Dance for the first and hopefully the last in front of people for the PETRONAS IT Conference in Terengganu during my internship.tulon ..Ulik Mayang lagi tuu....i would rather sing walaupun sumbangsih dari menari cam kayu..wahaha.

6. I like to eat!! Even more trying out anything from the new restaurant in town..lucky to have partner in crime..but it is bad for the pocket and expanding waistline.. haha

7. Just like Anazam , me too not really cared about what people perception bout me, life, and others.Me becoming more ignorant than ever. Is it part of growing up?..or is it just me going depressed?..haha

8. I gained weight tooo!! at first was soo happy coz really get tired of people complaining that i'm too skinny despite No. 6, then suddenly when i cannot fit into my favourite jeans..wohoho... enuff..


dikazzz said...

weh nolee, maybe i should always join you for makan2 sebab aku pun nok gain weight jugok! =)

Iron Butterfly said...

hahahah cemar rajing skoloh mmache. kahkahkah. (the arrogance of being a true blue Zainabian, sorry ;p).

and yes, I still have the AWAS book back in KB. U helped me buy that copy aight?

i'm still a fan, but not as die-hard. hehe. peace.

nolee said...

dikazz: ika.. nok join eh?..buleh buleh..nanti kalu ado restaurant menarik2 baru bukok..aku recee..pahtuh kito gi make..hahaha..
dop pung mai alah bangi ni.. mugo banyok restaurant best2..mano dop naik badan..tambahan pulok ado hok rajin mai amik bawak gi make..fufufu

nolee said...

ajah:oloh seminggu jah pun kt hmzah tu..ayoh aku jd DO situ .seminggu tu pulok maso darjah satu..aduh..dop ingat sore pun eh sapo hok saing maso kt sekoloh tuh..Hok aku ingat pdg dio keno turun bukit sikit..

bout that awas book ..yer kot.. aku pun still a fan.. but a different kind of fan dah laa.. setakat minat lagu n admire their success in business.