Monday, October 08, 2007


Hari ini sudah 26 Ramadhan..
I will start my Raya leave tomorrow..yehuu

I've attended a few iftar organize by several people..
iftar has always means get together either among friends or family

the ministry iftar with the prime minister
on duty being the LO for the not much to be said..
Luckily the Datin that i was assigned to didn't come..but still need to stand by for tugas-tugas lain..

iftar with primary school's friends has always been a blast..
apelagi kalu sudah ada yg tidak bersua sejak darjah 3.. bila jupe manakan tidak jadi gila2..
tapi macam malu-malu ja..hehe can view pics at ajah's

as usual fawa organized UTPJan2000 iftar..n this year at chicken HArts in Times square
can view the pics HERE..thanks to topeks.. whom i heard sedang berjinak-jinak dengan dunia fotografi..
sapa ada projek..bole cari dia..

other iftars..either accompanied by pirate..or sister ,hosmets or ofismate..or at my aunties..

thanx guys!!

esok balik kampung!!
ooo ooo balik kampung.~~

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Iron Butterfly said...

Warrghh!!! Jeles!!! Jangan lupa rumahku 3rd RAYA!!!!