Monday, June 04, 2007

is it?

I am damn sleepy today..

arrived in the office with a splendid nasi lemak in mind..but ended up having breakfast wit a simple yet sodapp karipap since we r having our dept assembly..

tought of doing my job peacefully..slow.. at my own convenient time today..
don't really have the mood but..the big boss will only be in the office in the morning ..
so rush rush rush..damn..

reading.. line by line..but i ended up reading the same line over and over again..
the sleepy head of mine.. so when can i finish analysing all the facts??duhhh...

having to create the best sentence ever..
to convince convince convince the big boss?
how?? how convincing can i be..when i didn't have all the facts i need?

i hate mondays!!


banji said...

noli.. eheh long time no hear, still sleepy? IRC lagi ke?

by the way, thanx linking my blog to urs. selalu nampak u masuk. hm tinggal2 le msg sekeping dua :)

nolee said...

aloha banji!!

:p..yeah sleepy ...but not because of IRC..

I could manage a day or 2 without any sleep those IRC days.. but not now..dah tua barangkali.

now no more more yahoo msgr.. hehe that's why i've almost lost all the #pssgm contacts.

anyway nice blog..

will leave the msg..and it won't be sekeping..