Thursday, December 29, 2005


on the 15th, i went to Penang for an annual games between the ministry with its counterpart from Singapore.

7.30 am arrive at the office. I was supposed to go to penang along with a few other officemates using the dept's new CRV.(tehehe..kete baru seh)..

9.00 am depart a bit delayed since we need to get all the secretariats stuff loaded into the cars.
2.00 pm arrived in equatorial hotel..met my boss..we had a meeting wif the hotel..and singapore representative to ensure all the delegates accomodations and the programme runs smoothly
I hang around at the hotel lobby until about 6.00 pm to make sure everyone arrived and check in as per what have been decided.
8.00pm had a secretariat meeting
after the meeting i 'lepak' ed at fisha's room..chit chatting wif Pn.P.. we ordered pizza ..
about 1 am I went back to my room n bzzzzzzz

after breakfast ..we had a meeting till about 10 am..
and than waiting again at the lobby for all the VIPs to arrive .. till evening..
7.15 pm dinner hosted by the penang state government at a hotel(oopss forgot the name)
but it is by the sea side..and had a nice view of Penang bridge..
urs trully enjoyed the food..and also enjoyed chit chatting wif the singaporeans..

day of the games..urs truly didn't joined any game so as no task assigned for today, i decided to joined fisha accompanying the spouses for a penang tour..
went to a batik factory..agro farm..chow ras tar (correct me if the spelling is wrong) and then to the police jetty..joining those went for a boat tour around the islandfor a high-tea.
8.00 pm dinner.. once again urs trully enjoyed the food..hehe...

all the delegates flew back.. went to pekena nasi kandar wif my boss.. and then jalan2 at bukit jambul..and then headed back to putrajaya at about 5.00 pm

urs truly is still waiting the pics from fisha..will upload it here as soon as i get it.

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