Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm sure some of you noticed that this is the 3rd post for today..hehe..
have to utilised the internet connection, free time and the comfort of home to the max since i am back at my hometown and taking a break from work..

ssonok balik...main2 ngan my nephews..(pics below)
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

next year or week i'll be away for a 6 months course ..DPA .. the compulsary course for all PTDs in order to confirmed our post.urs truly need to be prepared mentally and physically for the course hehehe..

hopefully i'll manage to write my experience during the dpa to share here..hopefully..
so just wait and see..

any new year resolution??...hmm i just hope i'll be a better person generally..a better muslim.. a grateful daughter.. a loving aunty..a caring friend..a good and productive PTD..a nice colleaque..
yeah everyone is praying for the better future.. so as i soar high to the sky i hope i'll always remember the green grass below..

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