Wednesday, December 07, 2011


This morning I had a meeting with this division who does media analysis and control. I arrived early. Not a single soul in the meeting room so I went chitchatting with their boss PA while waiting.
People in this division basically monitor everything in print. From newspaper, books, brochures, even logos in every language possible.  I found their work is fascinating.
When the meeting room is filled with people, then only I came in. I was “feeling out of the place” when everyone in the meeting brought something to read while waiting for the chairman. I know it is part of their job to read all that stuff since they have to make the analysis for the higher bosses, at least they are not wasting time. I where as only have my BB to kill the time.
Oh I so envy these people. Even more these people also are legally permitted to read everything that is not allowed to be published or sold outside. You name it, everything published. How lucky. How many information they gain every day.
I also realize some of the staffs have to come in the office at 4 o’clock in the morning everyday to read every single newspaper published on that particular day. Huhu sungguh tabah.
Owh I miss reading so much.

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