Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just an update

A friend complained I rarely update my blog nowadays. If I ever update it will only be a few sentences and pictures. I don’t know. Maybe it was because previously my main reason for having a blog is as an alternative way of connecting with friends and updating each other of our being. But then today we have so many other alternative channels to contact each other and updating stories among us. Before we only have emails, phone and chatting channels, then we have friendster and blog , now we have facebook and twitter. The functions available are more wider with each application. It was such a hassle to upload and send pictures thru email but now you just have to upload and tag your friend tru facebook. That is maybe why I now rarely blog.
I also tend to write a lengthy post about my day in my blog. Not much of anything purposeful.  I thought I should write something beneficial if I ever write. So that is why I seldom write. I can’t seem to find a topic useful.
As I grew futher in this career of mine. I tend to be more careful of what I wrote in my blog. I seems to filter everything twice. Even pictures.
Oh you know what, I now realise I tend to write well when I am well read. Oh I need to read more....more.. more.... hehehe
Adik-adik use your 1 Malaysia book voucher wisely. Dont go and splurge on clothes will ya. Huhu

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