Friday, September 23, 2011


Colourful highlighters, I like.
 Everyone went to our organization raya celebration. I was left in this deserted the office. I chose to be here. No. I just don't want to go , all the way to KL, battling the traffic and hustling around near 10 000 guests just for the food huhu malasnya.

So here I am in the office. Initially I want to settle some paper work pending for weeks but I ending up rearranging the furniture. I have a lot of furniture in my room, mind you. A set of sofa. My desk. Computers. 5 cabinets. haha I did everything myself.

Then I got my mood to finish my paper work. wuhuuu.

This afternoon we rushed Irfan to Paed. Having trouble to "beri-beri". sian dia macam sakit. .Tapi dah lepas happy je gelak2. aduhai. The pic is his attempt to take his own pic using my blackberry. ok la tu kan.

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