Sunday, November 07, 2010

A cousin wedding

before heading out to Shah alam for the akad nikah ceremony.
The top was actually a last minute purchase since i need to wear a white top for the ceremony.

In the month of October, there was a cousin wedding. A purple wedding, with great food and company. Despite the stress of anticipating the ptk, i still manage to enjoy the celebration. Family gathering .. full of laughter and chattering.

div>This was why i need to actually wear white and the sarong. I'm the dayang2 eh mak orang buleh kira dayang2 ke..mak inang..huhuhu

and this was at the reception.daddy with one of my cousins and mummy of course with Irfan

Congratulations Syed Mustafa and Siti Marliza.. May Allah bless you guys with a wonderful life ahead.


iryani said...

nolee anak ko dah besar dang sangat CUTE!!!!!

Iron Butterfly said...

Lee!! Love your purple baju!!!! And omg bakpolaa mu ni kecik sangat.

and wei, ke mana menghilang sudah tidak join kami semua?

nolee said...

iryani.. alossla lama tak dgr cite..selalu follow ur blog only tp sekarang takde lagi eh?..

ajah: nasib baik muat lagi baju tu okeyy.. haha ingatkan dop muat doh. aku ado jah.. tapi keje bz la lonih..