Thursday, July 30, 2009

weekend getaway - SABAH

Day 2

The next morning after breakfast, Abang cc fetches us to go to Kundasang as we planned at about 11.30am. The winding roads up the hills made me dizzy and to make it worst, I just had my big breakfast. Woohoo.. I couldn’t help it that I threw up at two incidents on the way up. Abang cc suggested that we open up the window since we were already up on the hill so I could have some cool fresh air.. hahahaha…(malu I) But it was indeed a good idea.. I felt wonderful as the cool breeze touched my face in addition to a splendid view of Sabah hillside, the green valleys with lush vegetation. Priceless! There are many wooden huts along the roadside for the locals to sell their product mostly freshly picked vegetables.

We arrived at the Poring Hot Spring in Ranau at about 2 pm. There are pools of warm water supplied from the hot spring for tourist conveniences. And it is quite impressive that there are even chalets with private pool for those who wish to still have a dip in the hot spring pool but need some privacy. I like!

On the way back we went to Kinabalu Park. Not to climb the mountain of course but to at least catch the glimpse of the peak. Pity us it was so cloudy and foggy and we waited and waited but the clouds doesn’t seem to go away. Hmmm. Better luck next time maybe.

Thank god that I didn’t throw up at all on the way down. We made a quick stop at one of the wooden hut by the road where Abang cc bought jagung pulut meanwhile we bought some local rice. Saje nak try

Later in the evening, we had a scrumptious seafood platter at Gayang Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Gila best. All the fishes, crabs, lobsters, prawns, and shells or were still very much alive in aquariums. We just choose what we like, and how we like them to be cooked. There are this lobster so big that it tentacles or misai was like 13 cm long kot.

I ate like nobody business since this was one of my goals coming here which was to indulge me with fresh seafood. Burrpp!!. The ABC here was also very delicious and cheap. Tak kedekut susu dan sirap. We had to tapau some of the food since there are too much of it and there are only 4 of us. We had so much fun… cc had a lot of story to share with us. And we also had a good laugh. I also realized that cc always said “The meeting now adjourn” whenever we parted. How big the influences of work had done to her. Hahaha.

Day 3

On Sunday morning, radin arrived at the lobby sharp at 9. Huhu.. kalau dah askar tuh askar jugak.. On time gitu. Hahaha. My hubby and I woke up a bit later since we slept with a full stomach last night. Hahahaha .Marah Leftenant kita.

Anyway, we went to Keningau Restaurant for breakfast. Ingatkan radin nak bawak pi keningau betul, rupanya restoran jer..keh keh.. Finished eating, we went to visit Wahid at the staff quarters in Polytechnics KK.She just gave birth to her second child, Mariam about 20 days ago.

radin, wahid n me

You know what, radin haven’t met wahid since 1994 and it was like 15 years ago. Kui kui..tak padan duk dekat. We had a good laugh catching up. I dunno whether wahid was just having some mummy blues or it was just her. She was so funny which is much different of her ustazah like image 15 years ago. Hehehe
cerita dari wahid di sini

After that, Radin brought me and my hubby into the Navy base in Teluk Sipanggar where she works. She lives in the base too. Pity us, the Submarine that Malaysia bought haven’t arrived yet, but there are a few other naval ships. So oklah not many people have the privileged getting a guided tour in a navy base right?.. I forgot to ask radin to arranged for lunch on one of the ship ( dia cakap kalau cakap awal boleh arrange, menyesal gue) so we went to have lunch at mess. My husband and I mingled around with a few other navy officers happened to be having lunch there too. I thought it was Sunday. Haha. Not everybody went out on Sundays is it?

After that, radin sent us back to the hotel as we need to check out. CC n her husband would send us to the airport. On the way there, we did a quick shopping at the Filipino Market.

After checking in our luggage, I just realized that I didn’t have the immigration slip with me.. Jeng.. cuak seposen. We gambled our way to the immigration counter. The officer asked for the slip.

Hubby: aa.. dia misplaced slip tu ,cemana yer?
Immigration officer: Ni first time datang sabah ker?
Imm: Hari ni hari minggu. Kalu hilang slip tuh kena report polis tapi takpelah. Lainkali ingat simpan bebaik slip tuh..

Padan muka aku kena lecture.. hahahaha.. nasib baik officer tuh hensem.. keh keh..

The flight was delayed for an hour so we finally arrived at LCCT at 8 30 pm and was home at 9.30pm.


Farah Shady Noor said...

aku memey masih ustazah lagi...agaga. funny ko aku? maybe being a mother buat aku jd gini kot, hari2 duk layan budok.

nolee said...

huhuhu.. lawok lah mung.. sakit perut aku gelok.. mengong mengong..

Iron Butterfly said...

wahid yak ddulu lagi farneyyy...

wahh bestnyo ZS reunion nun di Sabah!!!