Monday, July 06, 2009

Sister's Keeper

Have you read "My sister's Keeper" - a novel ?
I'm currently half way through..and I think it's sad.

Life is complicated .. nothing we can do about it.
We can only do what we think is right and it doesn't mean the best step at all.

ps: the movie will be out soon!


shahsulong said...

dah start press junket on the movie. cameron Diaz yg jadi emak.

mesti nangis tgk muvi ni kan?

nolee said...

tak tau lah..
but dari review yang aku duk tengok kat internet macam the muvi isn't as good as the book..


Iron Butterfly said...

pinjey bok!

Fique said...

O'yeah definitely on my must read list. Wardah recommended the book, she said that the book really got her hooked on it. Buat review taw nanti!

nolee said...

buleh jah nok pinje.. mari mari..

oh kak fiq do read it.. I cried twice reading this book.. fufufu abih hilang macho..