Tuesday, July 28, 2009

weekend getaway -SABAH

We have been planning for this getaway since May as many people keep asking about our honeymoon. My hubby said this would be our pre-honeymoon. We were committed to work and taking a leave would mean double work after. Nonetheless, we still very much enjoyed ourselves during this so called pre honeymoon. Hehe

Day 1

Our journey started as early as 10.30 am flight from LCCT. One of my staff agreed to send us to the airport so that he could drive our car back and parked it at the office.
We arrived early at the airport so I took that opportunity to text farah and asked whether we could meet up at McDonald. She’s an Airasia employee; of course she has right of entry everywhere around LCCT and her working hours start at 9 am. Oh, I am jealous!! She said it is ok not wearing mask at the airport since it is an open space but advised us to wear it on the plane, especially if we heard someone sneezing or coughing.

Arriving at Terminal 2 Kota Kinabalu, one of MyHubby’s staff, CC who is working at ILP KK has been waiting for us. CC is a very friendly lady. We went lunch at Sutera Bayu restaurant. I have already eaten on the plane so I only ate roti canai.

CC had to get back to work so she dropped us at the Novotel hotel. It was located at a new development area near Universiti Malaysia Sabah called Alamesra. There were a few hotels and a big mall called 1Borneo in the same building as Novotel. Among the hotels there is Tune hotel. It is further mile from Filipino market (where the usual hotels I normally lodged in when I was in Sabah for work)... I managed to save some money since the Filipino market was far away... clever husband... Now I knew why u booked that hotel: p

tengah:bath tub ada window to see the whole room

After freshen up we leisurely walk to the attached Mall next door. Very much like any other mall. Haha. We decided to have an early dinner. We found an Indian Muslim Restaurant with attractive menus. We were hungry so I ordered Fish Bryani while dear hubby ordered Chicken Bryani and both of us have Madras Tea with milk ( Teh tarik Madras).

We thought we need to exercise a bit after such a heavy meal so we went for a stroll along rows of shop adjacent to the mall and found a thai massage parlor. We decided to give a try since we were quite tired of the journey this morning. I took the full body thai massage while hubby took thai aromatherapy. I was half asleep as it was so relaxing. Back at the hotel, I hit the sack right away while hubby (still very much thinking bout work) went down to the lobby again to check some emails. There was an internet corner at the lobby.

bersambung ok..


Farah Wahidda said...

'She’s an Airasia employee' - begitu formal ko introduce aku. hehehe..

eh, mana ko beli baju coklat dlm gambar tu? nak cari gak! bleh sorok 'excess' weight aku ni. hahaha

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Farah Wahidda said...

owh..kat nilai ke? aku pun nak pakai baju2 gitu skrang. tutup benda yg tak patut tunjuk. hahaha