Monday, June 20, 2005

Reunion postmortem

Fun!Fun!!Fun!!..What else is suitable to describe the day you get together with your primary school buddies???

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ZS class of 94 with ZS headmaster

Memory in ZS

The place where we grew up..
ABC.. to poems writing..
123 to 12x12=144
saya aku mung..
ladybird ahadiat akashah..
from nursery ryhmes to KRU songs..

We were there to learn..
We were there for fun..
We were there coz we were suppose to be there..
but We were loving it..

stayed back for no reasons..
participating in every school activities..
with all the efforts..
with all our hearts..
never asking what was the returns..
For we were just having fun..
enjoying each and every moments..

Remembering such moments..
bring smiles to our faces
no matter where we are..
who we are..

You are the reason ..
who we are before..
who we are now..
who we are tommorrow..

Zainab satu sekolah kita~~

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the girls

more pictures..go to ZS Reunion and alumni launching

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