Saturday, June 11, 2005

besday best

Not a typical birthday..No candles..
What I did today?..

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* which one is ripe??*
picking oranges under hot steaming sun..exactly 12 at noon..
huhu kinda fun anyway..I don't really know how to determine the ripe oranges..
and then we went fishing..a few time i lost my 'umpan' but didn't catch any fish ..
my brother did fact he caught the biggest fish among all..'ikan patin'..

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* the fish that my bro caught*
after that we had lunch..ikan patin masak tempoyak..with kerabu pucuk paku..n some ulam with of course..budu..hihi..i was so hungry...and also the heat gave me a killing headache..
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* fun in da sun*
thanks to the management of Projek diraja limau madu, Kg Chenulang Kuala Krai..n others for the hospitality..had a great time.despite the heat...but i was really hoping i would catch a fish.. :(

arrived home at 3++ . After a bottle of 100plus..I hv to sleep to reduce the headache..
and then had dinner..steamed patin..n best..

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