Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Quake devastation

"Sunday's quake, first struck at 7:59 a.m (0059 GMT) off the coast of Aceh province on the northern Indonesian island of Sumatra and appeared to swing north into the Andaman islands in the Indian Ocean. It triggered a tsunami ...
The wall of water up to 10 meters (33 ft) high that followed the earthquake killed more than 21,500 people across southern Asia as it swept across the Indian Ocean."
Heard quite a shocking news about earthquake on Sunday.
I have relatives in Sumatra. Most of them in Acheh, the worst hit area.
Didn't heard any news about them yet till today.
Communication lines was cut by the disaster.
I've been to Acheh once 10 years ago
and it was quite devastating seeing pictures of the district after tsunami.
Masjid Raya in Banda Acheh
flooding acheh province after hit by high tidal waves
Below is a reporter's comments from BBC

I have got to know this area during my trips to Aceh over the past two years. Banda Aceh used to be a bustling market area, there were fruit and vegetable stalls and cafes along the sides of the road.
Now it is absolutely wrecked. There is mud, debris, masonry, cars, motorbikes, all upturned, mangled, covered in mud. And in the midst of it all, you can see limbs sticking out, bodies still lying where they were left when the water retreated.
And up on a roof in front of me, there are more dead bodies.
Behind that there is the famous mosque of Banda Aceh. Most of that seems to have remained remarkably intact but all around is a sea of catastrophic devastation. The mosque's clock is stopped at 8.25 - the time the wave struck.

-BBC's Rachel Harvey was one of the first western correspondents to reach Banda Aceh in north-western Indonesia, the closest land to the epicentre of the earthquake and now a scene of devastation.

"barangkali di SANA ada jawabnya
mengapa ditanahku terjadi bencana
mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan
melihat tingkah kita yg selalu salah dan bangga dgn dosa-dosa
atau alam mulai enggan
bersahabat dgn kita
cuba kita bertanya
pada rumput yg bergoyang...."
lirik lagu/puisi "Berita Buat Kawan" - Ebiet G. Ade
(found this in a blog..forgot the address)
Hope for those affected ...be strong!! we all pray for you!!
Al FATIHAH kepada saudara muslim kita yg terkorban..
Sungguh menakjubkan (hebat) urusan orang yang beriman; Sesungguhnya semua urusannya adalah baik belaka; Tidak seorangpun yang memiliki sifat itu kecuali orang yang beriman (iaitu) sekiranya dia mendapat kesenangan dia bersyukur, dan (sikap) demikian itu baik baginya; Dan sekiranya dia ditimpa musibah (bencana) dia dapat bersabar, dan (sikap) demikian itu juga baik baginya.
(Hadis Sahih Riwayat Imam Muslim)

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