Sunday, December 26, 2004

Chartered Accountant??

Just come back from KL..
I attended the briefing regarding the reskilling towards Chartered Accountancy programme
for IT/IS graduates in KLCC last wednesday.This is the 2nd time the invitation came..
the first time was in August..which i couldn't make it. Got tangled with several occasions back home.
Well the program did sound interesting..A career as a Chartered Accountant. hmm..
Definitely different from the IT degree but somehow it is still very much relevant.
futhermore i took Corporate management as minor for the degree so personally i really like the programme.
But i'm not into making any decision just yet..still weighing pros and cons.
Many things need to be considered. Hey.. I still got a few days till the end of the year, didn't I?

Join the Programme..Why?
- still jobless..Don't waste time
- PETRONAS support
- New skills
- Interest in IT..decreasing..

Don't join...Why?
- It is tough
- Wasting your degree
- need determination n hard work..

Am I up to the challenge?? Well...can't tell ..

If any of you guys reading this posting..and
thinking there's anything to be added to my 'Why' list above..
Please do so at comments..
Maybe it will help on the decision that i'm going to make..

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