Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Triple Twelve

Lao Tzu

Wah!!!!  lamanya meninggalkan ruang ini. Ruang luahan perasan or accurately ruang catatan diri.. bukan catatan peribadi kalau catatan peribadi it must be private, not for everyone to see la kan. It took me sometime to think about what exactly this blog is suppose to be about..

Till now still not really sure.. There are so many thing in life that I am still not sure about. Some I just let it go, some I just embrace it and go with the flow and there are some I am still hesitating to decide.

Feel bad for abandoning this blog for some time. ... don’t think anyone ever read this anymore. Plus it is easier to share thing/pic tru other channel i.e instagram, facebook or twitter.

Today is 12/12/12. A beautiful date. Many people begin their new chapter in life today. I heard that many couples queuing at National Registration Dept for their marriage registration today. For Muslims, they may be having solemnisation or reception today. Congratulations and have a blissful marriage ya/

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Shah Sulong said...

nolee, ida still jenguk sini bila ada updates tau.. just to touch base..

keep writing ya.. benda simple2 je pun dah ok.