Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh May Day

Eik. May has come to an end and it will be June soon. Oh I love June. because it's my birthday month. Yippee!!!!

Many things happened in May. I also travelled alot this month. Not quite far . The furthest was to Tawau, Sabah. Alhamdulillah we managed to get the direct flight. In between meetings, my friends and I also manage to go to the wet market and get us some fresh fishes, crabs and prawns. Get it ice-cubed and securely packed for air travel .. huhu. Airasia don't allowed you to check-in them though so we have to hand carry them. They also allowed only 7kg and precisedly in the allowed size. Nasib baik masa kat pasar basah tak jadi gile beli berkilo-kilo.. huhuhuhu

Our catch securely packed in the box. One box per person.
 The tiger prawns were so Yummy . Sweet and juicy. Abih ler kolesterol. Sape boleh tahan kalau dapat sebesar di bawah. Kat Selangor ni jangan cakaplah confirm harganya mahal gitu.

Yummmmmmm. *menjilat jari

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