Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boboiboy and Balloons

Nik Irfan’s Belated Birthday Party
Date: 21 April 2012
Venue: home sweet home
Irfan is already 2 and his birthday was actually on 12 April. But since mummy and daddy was busy going out station so we postponed  the celebration.. I am sorry if any of you miss the invitation. Since It was Irfan's day so I thought we should celebrate it with those close to him.
It was actually a last minute preparation. Thanks to Irfan’s nenek the master chef, we had Laksa Sarawak as the main dish for the day, coconut jelly, bingka and corn pudding for dessert. My sister stirred up a last minute spaghetti bolognese and my sister in law showed her baking skill with a carrot cake. Dear husband added up some sate and nasi impit. Air bandung (Rose syrup and milk)  and Sunquick orange for drinks.
I run around buying supplies after office and ended up at home at 10pm  for two days in a row prior the day. Hahaha but it was fun. Oh Dear husband also inflated all the balloons and my sister hang it to the walls for decoration. I planned to make party packs but didn’t have the time to do so.

The birthday cake. With Boboiboy theme are from It was beautiful and beyond my expectation. The most important thing is Irfan like it a lot. Thanks to my staff for recommending Noorhayu to make the cake. It was also a last minute order. (Mujurlah Noorhayu takde order lain, kalau tak, nak kena seminggu sebelum ye ordernya). It was also easier since Norhayu work at the same bulding as mine.
Thanks for those who came and the presents. Irfan love them all.

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Liana said...

sori irfan...cik yana xdpt dtg hr tu..huhu next tym cik yana dtg bwk present skali keyh...=)