Monday, June 13, 2011

29 already?

I feel like i have lost myself especially careerwise. I personally believe I didn’t really ready for this but it came anyway so i have to embrace it whether i like it or not. And the feeling of being neglected getting stronger and stronger (careerwise ok. I am happy at home.huhu). My quiet nature make me drift futher away. Sighhh
I am still stuck in the dark room with many doors. Sob sob

I will never climb the step anymore unless i am really truly ready. I don’t care anymore if others have leap futher up. I don’t care. I am not here for the money futhermore the power. I need money but am not crazy chasing it. The more power you have..the heavier your responsibility are .

I am happy with what i have. I need the peace. Peace in heart.
Allah pls give me the peace i need and also to those around me so they can be kind to others. Amin.

I envy those who can stay at home but still generate income.... or at least have flexible working hours. I like.

Oh I am now getting more interested in home design. How happy seeing all the beautiful homes. I wish my home is like that. It will.. in a few years. It takes time to collect things and decorate it so that it will reflect the owners personalities. Huhu...

My birthday on Saturday? Celebration in pyjamas huhu. Tett dropped by with a cute pink-haired doll cake. Irfan was happy as if it was his birthday.. huhu. Thanks tett. When tett left, we went out for a heartiest steak and pasta meal. Burp.


Hasina Terebuzzu said...

hepi bufday nolee! skrg kita sebaya! hehehe... sabar la ek..sian kt ko... aku dh tlepas.. ko je yg masih lagi kt sana...

(skrg minat interior design ek??? tak sabar nk tgk umah baru korg)

cacah said...

dok rok nok selebrate. aku dok jaga fisha sakit dari malam sabtu sampai ahad pagi. kul 4 pagi baru bangun. mujur ahad tu mokcik tu doh buleh gi jale... buleh la tubik make... nok masuk pun tak buleh, umoh dia gas pun takdok... ore buje... huhuhu..
anyway, jumaat ni jom selebrate... :)

aneesa said...

happy bday!

ko nye kitches sape buat?
keep bloging bout the house yeah?
i need tips too!