Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I called it Home because it is ours (woohoo!) and I really want it felt like home. The place where your heart is no matter where you go.

We received the key for the home sometime at the end of last year. After some defect complaint, and repair, we took some time figuring out what to do with a few extra feet behind the house and the kitchen. After some negotiations and discussions, we decided to extend the kitchen to the back and did a small laundry area. We hired a contractor company and asked them to also do the plaster ceiling for the whole ground floor and also the wiring for the whole house. woohoo There goes all my money... muahahahaha

Actually I was quite lucky to have bought this house before the price went whooping up and I got the loan marked up. So I still have a few thousands from the loan that cover the renovation. huhu so not SEGEDEBUK all have to be paid now lah. huhu.

Now. The renovation + the wet kitchen cabinet (with cooker, hood and sink installed)+ plaster ceiling+ wiring. DONE -minor complaints on furnishing though. I am a fussy customer. but my husband is fussier hahaha.

Tomorrow they will install the dry kitchen cabinet which I hired another contractor to do because the former contractor quoted a very high price. I saved a couple thousands okay.

The lighting for plaster ceiling-DONE
Fans for living, dining and all bedrooms -DONE
lighting for all bedrooms- TOMORROW
lighting for all bathroom-next week (they have to order it)
wall light for staircase-tomorrow
Lighting in the storeroom and laundry area-tomorrow

woohooo.. There were a lot of discussions and negotiations went on as we want things that are affordable but nice and long lasting. huhu as the process went on we gained a lot of new friends haha.

So tomorrow dear husband will be on leave to supervise the whole work .
and tomorrow the bedroom set for master bedroom and the dining set will be delivered. Wahaha. Can't wait. We actually bought it last year in June but asked the shop to keep it for us. They will deliver them tomorrow.
We will start slowly moving out the stuff this Friday. and slowly moving in. hehe.

Super excited.


aincomel said...

nolee.. aku pon excited dgr cite ko ni.. biar la org nk ckp kita cerewet pon yg penting puas hati.. planning to buy my own hse too but still surveying the place & price wise..

aneesa said...


dh masuk ke rumah? kat mane?
i understand your pain.hehe