Monday, April 18, 2011


I first saw this book in Iryani's room during our University years..I think it was in the third year or final year.. but definitely after our industrial training. Actually she was the one who first introduce me to blogging and since then here I am still writing although not as frequent as before. huhu..

I think I saw this book on her study table, read the synopsis at the back of the book and was hoping someday i will have the time to borrow it from her and read it. but..hmmm.. the thought just disappeared to the back of my head as we were busy with final year project and stuff.

Now..after almost 6-7 years later, I found this book by accident. I was in MPH alamanda just killing my time while waiting (I couldn't remember whom I was waiting for ). I saw this book.. (I thought "wow, this book is about Palestine and the author is a chinese. Interesting"). Then it hit me that this is the same book that I saw a few years ago on Iryani's desk. I went straight to the cashier.

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