Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free lecture

For the first time in my career .. today i feel i am not worth given the previous promotion. I wish i can go back to where I am before and stay at that level for good 5 years more for the sake of the experience and respect.

I don't like the way the bosses treated our work as second class work. Always complaining and labelling it as routine jobs. Okay if this is a routine job then why put it under officer’s job scope. Why not put it under clerks job scope. He always said we cannot be in just one level all the time we must cross board... bla bla . For 30 minutes of free lecture I had with him I only understand half of what he is saying. Menyesal. I rarely went to him for any advice because of this. I hardly understand what he want from me. Most of the time. Whenever he called us up for his “free lecture” as we call it. We will came out of the room more confuse than before. Huhu

It is hard for me to apply for transfer since I already turn down two transfer orders before but I hope he will transfer me out. I am not like his favourite officers who can sit around him for hours in the room smoking and chatting I don’t know what. I am not. I just did what in my job scope says quietly then I go back home. I don’t wish to be popular. I don’t wish for the top management to know me. I just wish what I do is justifying for the pay and all the allowances to be halal for me and my family.

You may say I am not an ambitious person. Whatever. Career is not my priority. I know my current job very well. It is not to serve the bosses but the people. The bosses can talk all day...mere talking..everyone can do that. But who will be question before god thereafter?
Exhausted. I don’t like people talking a lot. Kepala pusing tau. Menyampah. Talking history..you know it 2011 already?.. Not that I hate history. I love history very much. But I don’t like people talking history of himself “memperbesarkan diri” as if u know everything. Benci. Setakat cakap saja. Please tolong beri jalan penyelesaian boleh?. :P


Vivacious O'light said...

bakpo boss mu tu? jatam dok? berehi ngepek dih? buleh boss lagu nih serabut jiwo rago. kito keno main psycho sikik... masukkan unsur-unsuur agamo sikik kalu kecek nge ore belah nih.. heh heh heh

Mek Comey said...

Noly...ida had the similar situation today~~~~~~~~
dont like! dont like! dont like!

cacah said...

oloh.. i like talking.. hehe ... :D
hope i didn't bore you with my nothing talks...
anyway, aku doakan you'll get a better place sooner..
as for the favorite officer, may him experience another boss or another place that will serve him right.

oh. bahasaku berterabur. mu pehe dok?

nolee said...

cacah: kalu borak2 kosong di kopitiam i don't mind la cacah.. ini work related discussion tp cerita pusing alam merata. last-last pikiran aku pun merewang merata.

Hasina Terebuzzu said...

nolee!!! aku baru jumpa blog ko.. pasni aku folo eh??

(siot.. kalo tau ko kutuk bos mcmni.. aku pon masuk dlm blog.. aci?? ahahha)