Monday, March 02, 2009

Learning bout Fish with Fisy.

One fine Saturday morning, Fisy and I went to Aquaria KLCC. woohoo!! It was Fisy idea actually.She said she have been planning to go there for quite some time. So since I didn't really have any plan and Pirate was outstation so I tagged along.

nampak cam budak tak?

The staff at the Aquaria ticket counter thought we were students.AUuuww.. Did we looked that young?..haha.. ye lah ye lah ..fisy kan kecik comell.. But we did act like children in there. Got Excited about everything..haha. Although the place wasn't that big..I would say the attitude we had towards it make the trip was so much FUN.!!

owh ..look!! The Stingray is Huge!!!

I touched everything that can be touch. tapi belangkas tu agak geli sedikit..Kaki2 dia yang duk kuis-kuis tangan mengingatkan aku pada kaki lipas.. eeeee.

HAaaa..This is how big a shark's jaw can be. Sekali ngap ..habis lah nolee satu badan. hehehe

We were there for a few hours and managed to watch all feeding sessions especially the piranha and the most exciting of all the sharks feeding session. But the tiger shark that we were waiting for didn't come to eat .Maybe it didn't feel hungry

Owh the trip was fun plus we learned quite something bout our oceans and the creatures in them. fascinating


cacah said...

huuu. aku pun ngeri tengok shark's jaw tu...

shahsulong said...

jeles ah.. ida dari dulu lagi plan nk bawak adik2 jalan2 kat Aquaria. entahlah.. akhir bulan ni bleh kot?

ada special price for student uni tak?

Anonymous said...

next week after fitting baju melayu, u have to take me there.. tak kira...

nolee said...

ada diskaun kot untuk students since the staff at the ticketing counter asked. huhuhu