Tuesday, April 17, 2007

suka hati hang

" kau datang dan pergi sesuka hatimu..
oo sakitnya hati..bencinya hati padamu..
kau datang dan pergi sesuka hatimu
oo bencinya dikau..teganya dikau padaku.."

i was listening to this song..suddenly heard a familiar voice..
NO ..not that the song words has any connection ..
to what so ever i'm writing here..NO
it just that i was listening to it..while this happened.

someone visited us in the office earlier today..
former colleague.."skandal lama" say some..banyaknye laa hai skandal..hahahaha..
nama pun skandal..so it was half true..or probably not true at all..

but it was nice to see him..
guess it was the same feeling you had when you met an old friend..
haha.. suka suki je..

well..it was like a breeze..
he came say hi..then he was gone again..
back to his life..and i'm back to mine..

see ya..friend..
no..i didn't hate u..suka hati hang laa..hehehe

urs truly need to go home early todayyy...tak larat..kepala pusing..( cakap jer nak balik awal..satgi tgk..pi main pingpong laa ape laa..abih2 kul 6 30 jugak..hehe)

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