Monday, April 16, 2007


Last weekend was such a pleasant time..
i spent my saturday with my not-so-lil sis..kidnapped her from campus..

Saturday was all about cleaning..basuh baju..basuh kete..kemas rumah..
yerp my mum call n said she n my dad will drop by at my house at noon on their way from klia..
so i went vroom2 with the broom..luckily my sis was very helpful..
in fact terlebih rajin cheq biaq je lah..hehe
if she is like this every week..rajinlaa aku pi kidnapped..
she said ok as long as ..ada makan..ada tv..

my parents came..n we all went to my aunt ..che ah's new house in Shah Alam..
had a heartiest lunch..after the house tour..hehe
and then sent sis back to her campus before i went lepaking at my parents hotel..
my dad had something to i just lepak2..borak2..sampai tertidur with my mum..
after that we went to the Horizon club..enjoying the food there..not so great lah..ok aje..

after maghrib parents got ready to go to the airport..
sending off the bosses.. so..i tumpang ler balik umah..
singgah makan lagi since my dad said he was hungry..hmm..

arghhh.. tak sabar nak balik kampung..

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