Thursday, August 25, 2005

open letter??

extraxted from reunion forum at

nie hok terbaru sir mahisham tulih kat fotopage aku :

"Just by chance. I'll always remember the days when oil and water did mix together, however I couldn't bring back those moments. Only the brattest of brats would sing the old tune. Best wishes to Aj and q oleen, not forgettin the whole bunch of 94 sporty sedans"

Aj and q oleen yang dimaksudkan adalah aku dan nolee... aku pun tok tau bakpo dio tulih aj and q oleen.. but it is really touching to read sir wrote this. Huehue... kito nih the brattest of brat rupenye....


Dear sir
It was really touching..
I may never see me as a teacher..but I do realise teachers have a great impact in one's life
Their footprints will always be in part of our journey forever

I never realised that we were the brattest brats..
although i admit that we might have done some crazy things back then..haha
I guess we will take it as a compliment.. :D
actually it was the memories that hold us together..
hopefully forever..

Dear sir,

Nothing much we can do
for we are just starting the journey
the endless winding road
that we didn't know where it's heading
learning the lessons as we move on
that we realised you've tried to teach us before

Our prayers are with you
So get well soon
lets the brattest brats spirit..hehe
give you strength and hope


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The comment sir wrote was actually for the previous reunion and surprise visit to his house ( see pic n read old postings for details)
for those who didn't know who sir mahisham is..he was our primary school teacher..
quite close with our batch especially those actively involved in sports.

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