Sunday, July 31, 2005

yeay!! Alhamdulillah

I received the letter i've been waiting yesterday..
the offer letter for appointment as pegawai tadbir & diplomatik
I've made it after undergone several screenings..
a) written test .. 2 times and passed both
b) ptd assesment centre ..2 times (the 1st time i failed..but manage to pull thru during the 2nd attempt)
c) the interview..(alhamdulillah i managed to answer all the questions although not perfectly correct..)

I'll start end of this month ..straight away will be sent to kluang johor for a sort of induction course..the first modul in diploma of public administration called 'ptd unggul'
so i come..

after that will be attachment to respective ministry or other gov agency..and then continue the remaining modul for the diploma..

I'm relieved now that i know how i can contribute to the society and country .. well it is true that we can only plan and the rest is depend to Allah.. I guess here is my path..and i'll make the best out of it..

still have a dilemma though..about the specialisation i would take under PTD.I can choose 3 out of 8:
1.Pengurusan sumber kewangan (hmm..interesting since i can use my basic financing knowledge..haha very basic though..)
2. Pengurusan sumber ekonomi ( I might choose this one..hmm)
3. Pentadbiran & pembangunan wilayah/bandar/daerah/tempatn
4. Perancangan & pengurusan sosial/infrastruktur
5. Pengurusan teknologi maklumat( should choose know.. my degree..but what if i don't want to? haha)
6. Keselamatan & pertahanan negara(woww..)
7. Pengurusan sumber manusia & organisasi (well..)
8. Hubungan antarabangsa & hal-ehwal luar negeri (might choose this one too)

ku~~~ di dalam dilema!! ..hehe..
Anyway got a lot of things to settle this few weeks..
medical checkup.. agreement..and all..
wish me luck all..
hope i will have fun.. aand do the best for the job and people..yeahh..


wannoor said...

wow..tahniah nolee.. best ler ko..wei... mai johor yea.. hahaha.. nnti leh ler kita jmpa kan? aku kt skudaiii.. still keje kontrak.. well..congrate again & all the best .. :)

Anonymous said...

hi..came across ur blog...congrats PTD..guess we will meet kat johor nnt..

Anonymous said...

hi..came across ur blog...congrats PTD..guess we will meet kat johor nnt..

nolee said...

haloo anonymous..thank you n congrats to you too..see you in kluang~~