Monday, October 25, 2004


Malam tadi tiba2 blackout. Dah ler tengah layan TV sensorang. PUFF!..Suddenly it was all dark. I could barely see my own hand.Thank god my sister wasn't sleep yet which i thought she had. With a torchlight, we began our "investigation".The fuse was OK. IT was so dark because there is no power in the neighbourhood, even the streetlights. It wasn't raining and of course no lightning. Hmmm...called TNB to report it.
While waiting for the electric,hehe my sister,elder brother( we wake him up..haha) and I was lepaking at the verandah.Waaahhh...cerah betul langit malam ni.As if it was already 6 a.m. And of course there were no stars. So we all pun layan2 jiwang sampai laa lampu nyala balik baru tidur..hehe..
I watched "Extreme Makeover" on 8TV last night. Yup. It was extreme makeover so do expect multiple plastic surgeries.Nose job, Browlift, Lyposuction, Eye laser, and teeth whitening are among the normal procedure they done on the show. huhu Some patient even resulted being a whole new person with a new face..ermm..
I like watching all sorts of makeover. I didn't know why. I like to see how far a person tend to go to change their life.Is it only on the physical appearance? house interior design? Self attitude?
I strongly believe that everything is actually just what in your head.You are what you think you are. You think you are beautiful? So be it! Don't think about what she/he/they think you are...Think on what you really feel about yourself..wahaha I think I've sound like Oprah already... kuan kuang kuang
I do agree that some of the patients' looks really seems like needing the surgeries but some are not. Maybe they have problem in self appreciation,esteem and confidence...well I don't know..Perhaps the makeover which obviously causing them a fortune( In the show the surgeries are sponsored) satisfiy them.Or else it won't worth all the pain they had to endure.
Bersyukurlah...You have it all..Allah shall give you all the confidence you need.Whether you realise it or not, we are always praying for what we want...but Allah gives us what we need. And that is the best.
What ever it the end it is all about choices.What you choose today will affect you tommorrow. And always remember in every decision come with a great risk.

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