Friday, August 27, 2004

UTP 4th Convocation

yeay graduation day...22nd August will forever be a memorable day for me...hihihi
Seronok sangat rasa dapat kembali ke UTP ..although it was only for a few days..dan menyemakkan bilik-bilik ex-roomates.hehehe
To naja, aiza,eppy n nisha thank you very much for your hospitality and i'm very sorry if in that few days we were there, both your rooms are like 'tongkang pecah'..hehehehe
betullah org kata...when we lose something then we will realise how meaningful it is actually to us...masa kat depan mata..tak herann...*wink
thanks again to naj,aiza,eppy,nisha..and their housemates..also thanks to UTP for the memorable convocation day..!!

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