Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This photo is just TOO CUTE.. oh my oh my.. so beautiful. I was wondering the baby was actually sleeping or not. You are such a darling la baby.. Sangat Comel... Actually she was 8 days old at the time the picture was taken. The photo was from here . So brilliant. The photographer manage to capture the baby almost smiling and menongkat dagu sama. Wah.

Oh love it. love it a lot.

My dear husband took alot of Irfan's pic when he was a baby but we didn't really put him to pose like the baby in the picture. Most of the time it was just the spontaneous pose he did while sleeping or playing. 

Anyone knows any photographer in Malaysia that can do wonders with baby and produce great picture like above? Do share. Who knows. For future considerations. :D


Liana said...

yana tahu photographer best...Tengku Amni..kenal x?? yana dh book die utk special event ...hahaha

Chicago Newborn Photographer said...

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation.

Sri & Jana