Tuesday, June 02, 2009

RED is louD

Last weekend..Pirates n I went to Perak. Early Saturday morning..we headed up north and arrived in Batu Gajah just in time for the bersanding ceremony of Pirates' officemate. I didn't quite remember her name. But she was not a typical bride. Mostly bride would be very shy, graceful and quite. huhuhu...
After that we went straight to Ipoh. Ingatkan nak singgah Kelly's Castle.. tapi panas..so malas.. huhu
After checking in, we went to Ipoh Parade.. huhu..saja .. I want to mengimbau sejarah lama.. tempat-tempat berpeleseran.. hahahahahaha.. but everything was so different..
even Batu Gajah was so different.. Even the road to UTP was unrecognisable. with so many housing areas. huhu. not to mention the campus itself la kan..
The next day was my dear cousin's engagement (pic) .. Funny thing happened. We were supposed to follow our uncle's car to the house but our uncle have miss a turn hence we were back in the middle of the city.. hahaha.. we met the same roundabout thrice. hahahaha.. I texted my sister who was at the front.." Naik haji kita nanti tawaf lagu ni"..
Luckily we arrived before the guy's family arrive.


Ibu Emir said...

lain giler babe, hari tu aku pi pasar malam taman maju, sikit punyer besar, adik aku pun tak de sebut tronoh, depa sebut sri iskandar

mommy nazeef said...

last week norish br je gi.mmg lain gilerrr...even dah xtau nak jalan mane.jln batu gajah pon lain! tp...kfc nyer tetap same...hahahaha

mummy nazeef said...

by da way, u look gorgeous on ur wedding day...SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU...sory can't make it dear...anyway..semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat...aminnnnnnn :)