Monday, May 02, 2005


We are always waiting..waiting for the train..waiting for a friend..waiting in queue..waiting for food ordered to be serve..waiting..waiting..and more waiting..

What did you do while you wait??

Nowadays I read. But before this, I used to watch people. It has become a habit.I like to watch people.(Sorilah..sape2 terasa kena usha tuh..) People are unique.Each single person is different.The way they walk, dress, talk to each other, and respons when being watch.Haha

As I watch all these people, I will start to imagine the sort of life they are living.What kind of person they are.What might be their job, character and etc. Actually this is a good skill if you are writing a novel. Developing the attributes of the characters in the novel...or film..
hehe but i'm not into that.No short stories..
Dont have the time..and determination..hehe

tak mau hangat2 taik ayam..

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